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time off reports

Hello, I'm not sure if these forums are still used but I'm having trouble with the reports/misc/timeoff query I'm filtering by a start date of 1/1/2000, and using no end date. I have the page size set to 200 and I'm only receiving ~60-70 records back. I know there definitely should be more and it seems to have only a fraction of the actual records within this year and none before 2021. For example, I know I took time off from this company within the last month and my timeoff doesn't get returned in the response. And even if I set the end date to 8/31/2021 I'll still receive PTO records from 9/XX/2021 so I'm not even sure what the start/end date filters even do. If anyone can give some insight on this request it would be greatly appreciated Ethan

Availability Post Issue

I'm having an issue with a availability post request. Every time I run the request below, I get a 409 error saying "RepeatType" has no value". I can't figure out what might be wrong. Any ideas? I'm using JavaScript for the program, specifically in Google Apps. ximbleparameters = { 'startAt':'2021-05-29T00:00:00', 'endAt':'2021-05-29T16:00:00', 'employeeId':'27656900-553f-4641-afab-19858652913d', 'isCustom':false, 'repeat':{ 'repeatType':2, 'repeatEndNever':true, 'monday':false, 'tuesday':false, 'wednesday':false, 'thursday':true, 'friday':false, 'saturday':false, 'sunday':false }, 'isRepeated':true }; ximbleoptions = { 'method':'POST', 'headers':ximbleheaders, 'muteHttpExceptions':true, 'payload':ximbleparameters }; ximbleresponse = UrlFetchApp.fetch('https://api.ximble.com/availability',ximbleoptions); ximbledata = JSON.parse(ximbleresponse.getContentText());


Hi. I've noticed that the `/employes` response has `supervisors` attribute and no longer has `supervisorId` attribute. But the main problem that the `supervisors` attribute equal `[]` all the time, even if an employee has supervisors. Also would be good to add an example of `supervisors` attribute with non-blank data for better understanding.

What is the value of ACCESS_TOKEN? Is it CLIENT TOKEN ?

Does the API provide a way to get who is scheduled for a particular shift label?

We are looking for a way to obtain the names of employees who are scheduled for a certain shift, say a shift labeled "On Call", on certain days of a week.

Do you have an API to fetch the list of Open Shifts?

Do you have an API to fetch all the list of all Open Shifts?

Simple examples

Will this updated with simple examples like nimble schedule? This seems out of date. For example how to get/post times for employees?