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time off reports

Hello, I'm not sure if these forums are still used but I'm having trouble with the reports/misc/timeoff query I'm filtering by a start date of 1/1/2000, and using no end date. I have the page size set to 200 and I'm only receiving ~60-70 records back. I know there definitely should be more and it seems to have only a fraction of the actual records within this year and none before 2021. For example, I know I took time off from this company within the last month and my timeoff doesn't get returned in the response. And even if I set the end date to 8/31/2021 I'll still receive PTO records from 9/XX/2021 so I'm not even sure what the start/end date filters even do. If anyone can give some insight on this request it would be greatly appreciated Ethan

Availability Post Issue

I'm having an issue with a availability post request. Every time I run the request below, I get a 409 error saying "RepeatType" has no value". I can't figure out what might be wrong. Any ideas? I'm using JavaScript for the program, specifically in Google Apps. ximbleparameters = { 'startAt':'2021-05-29T00:00:00', 'endAt':'2021-05-29T16:00:00', 'employeeId':'27656900-553f-4641-afab-19858652913d', 'isCustom':false, 'repeat':{ 'repeatType':2, 'repeatEndNever':true, 'monday':false, 'tuesday':false, 'wednesday':false, 'thursday':true, 'friday':false, 'saturday':false, 'sunday':false }, 'isRepeated':true }; ximbleoptions = { 'method':'POST', 'headers':ximbleheaders, 'muteHttpExceptions':true, 'payload':ximbleparameters }; ximbleresponse = UrlFetchApp.fetch('https://api.ximble.com/availability',ximbleoptions); ximbledata = JSON.parse(ximbleresponse.getContentText());

What is the value of ACCESS_TOKEN? Is it CLIENT TOKEN ?

Does the API provide a way to get who is scheduled for a particular shift label?

We are looking for a way to obtain the names of employees who are scheduled for a certain shift, say a shift labeled "On Call", on certain days of a week.