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Welcome! We're excited that you're interested in the Ximble Platform. Our platform contains a set of open APIs and tools that enable you to bring Ximble’s workforce management tools to your application. Dive right in and get started!

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Getting started

Welcome to Ximble's API reference and developer documentation

developer.ximble.com is a one stop shop for all developers looking to integrate with Ximble via our public API.
In order to use this API, you must first have an active Ximble account, which can be obtained here.

Once your company is registered, you need to Retrieve the API_Key from the API tab on the Company Information page (Accessible through the my account link on the top right hand side dropdown).

Unable to access the Company Information page?
You need to be an admin in your Ximble account to access this page. If you are unable to access the page to retrieve the API_Key, please contact your account owner for access.

Finally, you will also need to obtain an CLIENT_TOKEN that will authorize you to authenticate against our API. To retrieve this token, please send an email to support@ximble.com telling us who you are and why you need to access our API.